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No-Show and Late Fees:

We require 24 hour notice for all cancelled or re-scheduled appointments to avoid incurring a no-show fee. In order to provide efficient services to all patients, we strictly enforces a fee for any no-show or late patients. This ensures that we can provide quality, timely services to all patients as efficiently as possible. If it is your first time utilizing a service, please arrive early to fill out any necessary forms.



All appointments will end at the scheduled time so that we may serve the next patient at their scheduled start time. Due to the high volume of demand for medical services, Late comers may be required to re-schedule for the same or a later day and appropriate charges for the late or missed appointment may apply.

Documentation and Registration Requirements:

All services require an intake form to be filled out prior to utilizing a service for the first time. Patients must bring and present a valid OHIP card to ALL MEDICAL VISITS. Residents of other provinces (except Quebec) are also covered. The government will not cover medical services for anyone without a valid health card. A fee for a regular medical visit for Quebec and non-OHIP patients must be paid prior to seeing the doctor. Official receipts are provided.

Visit Length:

The Length of medical appointments (family practice or walk in) can vary due to the complexity of the concern. Due to OHIP regulations, we must limit to ONE CONCERN PER VISIT. If patients have several concerns, they will be asked to book a follow-up appointment. If the doctor feels it is a complex problem, you may be asked to return and book a longer visit.


Phone Calls or Email:

Due to OHIP regulations and privacy concerns, we are unable to offer any medical advice or management over the phone, fax or via email. Communication with administrative staff is also against provincial privacy regulations and you will be instructed to communicate all medical concerns with your doctor at your appointment.


Laboratory Tests or Investigations:

Most test results will arrive to our office 7 days after being performed. They will arrive directly to the physician who ordered them. Therefore, other physicians may not be immediately aware of a patient's test results. If patients are concerned, curious or still having symptoms while waiting for test results, patients are encouraged to come in and speak with the doctor.

Prescription Refills:

We are unable to offer phone or fax repeats on any prescriptions due to privacy and confidentiality reasons.


3rd Party Insured Services and Uninsured Medical Services:

Not all services are insured by OHIP. Chiropractic, physiotherapy, naturopathic medicine, registered massage therapists, dieticians, cosmetic services and custom orthotics are not covered by OHIP. Many are covered by your employer’s health insurance plan or other 3rd party insurance plans. All charges for uninsured services must be settled at point of service. Receipts will be provided so that you may submit your claim for reimbursement from your insurance provider. Not all Medical services are insured by OHIP. Examples of uninsured services are sick notes, insurance forms, government forms, employment physicals, travel health, tray fees for procedures, etc. Forms take time to fill and thus reduce the doctors ability to provide care to patients. We will always inform patients in advance of such charges and offer several convenient forms of payment. All charges for uninsured services must be settled at point of service.

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