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In order to go into placement you will be required to have up to date immunizations .This process may take up to 3 months to complete so please ensure you start updating your record as soon as possible!


All students at Humber College, North and Lakeshore campuses, and University of Guelph-­Humber with immunization requirements who do not have a family doctor are encouraged to see the doctor or nurse practitioner during our special summer immunization clinic days to start completing their immunization.


The most common immunizations required for placements are listed below, along with a timeline to help you prepare and organize your time effectively so that you are prepared for your first day of placement.


Remember to always check with your coordinator and placement to ensure you are aware of their immunization guidelines and deadline for completing your immunization requirements.



TB Skin Test

You will need to complete a two step TB skin test if you have never done one before. After having the first TB skin test, you must return to have a second TB skin test done 7 – 21 days after the first one. *Depending on the result of your TB skin test you may need a chest x­ray and an appointment with a doctor or nurse practitioner for a chest assessment.

Hepatitis B

Depending on your previous vaccination record and Hepatitis B titre, you may require zero or up to three vaccinations. If you require three Hepatitis B injections, it will take 6 months to complete. However, after receiving two Hepatitis B vaccinations you are able to start placement. The first two Hepatitis B Vaccines are given one month apart.


Measles, Mumps, Rubella

Depending on your measles, mumps, and rubella titres and/or past vaccination schedule, if you require two MMR vaccines, you must wait two months between each vaccine.**


Depending on your varicella titre, if you require the varicella immunization it consists of two vaccines given one month apart. ** **In some cases a blood test may be required to test for immunity. Results for measles, mumps, and varicella titres may take up to 3 week to come back.



Proof of vaccination as an adolescent or adult is required. You may receive this vaccine at any time.


Flu Vaccine

Free to the public, flu vaccines become available in the fall season

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